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Users can buy and sell NFT boxes, NFTs, Energy boosters, and Badges on the Marketplace.

NFT renting

To start earning without any owned NFT, users can rent them on the Marketplace. Users having demands for renting NFTs first need to apply for a rental, and they then are paired with a leaser for a Rental Agreement.
Renters have to fully agree to the terms of this agreement to have it take effect. Each Rental agreement is for 24 hours, and after that time, rental NFTs have to return to the owners for repair.
A Rental Agreement can last up to 7 days, depending on the renter’s credit rating. With any successful Rental Agreement fulfilled, the renter’s credit rating will be added 0.1 points. On the contrary, failure to comply with the terms of the agreement will let this number decrease.
Whenever a renter completes a session in the Solo Mode, the Smart Contract will distribute the earnings in accordance with the Rental Agreement. The renter and leaser earnings are fixed.

NFT customization

FITN allows users to customize their own NFTs and sell their products on the Marketplace.

AR room

AR room is where users can display the NFTs they own and show them to other users.