Earning Mechanism

Earning Mechanism
  • Solo mode, group mode, trail/marathon mode
  • Challenging mode
  • background mode
  • Coaching mode
  • Upgrade NFT and energy booster
  • NFT repairing
  • Breeding
  • Mystery box opening
  • Leaderboard/Tournament, Challenging mode
  • Stake NFT
  • Marketplace fee
  • Breeding
  • NFT lending
  • Trainer hiring
  • AR room lending
Energy Booster
Using luck to receive mystery box when moving. When user opens mystery box, they'll receive random energy booster.
Enhance attributes
Trail/marathon mode, challenging mode
  • Solo Mode, Group mode Mode - Extra Power
  • Marathon - Extra Point in the Leaderboard
  • Rental and sales related – Higher chance of leasing out NFT
  • Related in Box-Minting - Lower