General FAQs

There is so much information! How do I get started?
You can easily get information about FITN by reading the channel #welcome-on-board and whitepaper.
What is FITN?
FITN is the leading Exercise-to-Earn web3 lifestyle app on the blockchain with both GameFi and DeFi elements. FITN is built on the BNB chain with various play modes ranging from solo mode, group mode, and trail/marathon mode to challenging and coaching mode.
Do I have to make an initial investment to play FITN?
You should buy at least one NFT (shoes, bicycle) on FITN's marketplace or through FITN's INO event on June 24. Additionally, you also can grab free NFTs by joining FIT's NFT airdrop campaign in channel #events. More information is in FITN's whitepaper.
FITN is Exercise-to-Earn? What does that mean?
You can be familiar with the term "Move-to-Earn" but Exercice-to-Earn is much more comprehensive. You can walk, run, ride a bike or even play sports like football, volleyball, basketball, skipping and do workout to be paid to get fit.
On which platform will FITN app be released?
FITN will be released on both iOS (Appstore) and Android (Google CH Play). It's very simple to download. The beta version of FITN app will be launched at the end of June and following is mainnet version.
Has the work of the project has just begun? Is there a roadmap?
We are following the roadmap which you can view here: whitepaper.
Where can I check the project's Tokenomics?
More details about the FITN tokenomics: whitepaper.
What make you different from other FitFi projects?
  • A wide range of M2E modes, including jogging, running, cycling, etc., with assorted challenges and mini games.
  • Users can have NFTs customized by themselves and display them in their AR Rooms.
  • SocialFi elements (invite friends, clubs, etc.) allow users to connect and exercise together.
  • Health stats are closely tracked by online tools and reports are sent to users every month.