Marketing & Marketplace FAQs

I’m a crypto/game promoter. May I know who is the right person to contact regarding business & marketing promotion?
Thanks for connecting. Kindly send your proposal to [email protected] or create a ticket right in FITN's discord server. We'll check it out and reply you asap.
I'm not a promoter, but I have a pretty unique marketing idea. How should I comment?
We greatly appreciate such contributions to the community. If you have an idea, chat and tag our team in #general-chat. We will have an open discussion there.
What are FITN's marketplace features?
  • Trading: Users can buy and sell NFT boxes, NFTs, Energy boosters, and Badges on the Marketplace.
  • NFT renting: To start earning without any owned NFT, users can rent them on the Marketplace. Users having demands for renting NFTs first need to apply for a rental, and they then are paired with a leaser for a Rental Agreement.
  • NFT customization: FITN allows users to customize their own NFTs and sell their products on the Marketplace.
  • AR room: AR room is where users can display the NFTs they own and show them to other users.
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