Token FAQs

What's the difference between $FITN and $FIT?
  • $FIT is the in-game token which is used for users' rewards when playing FITN. Users can use $FIT to NFTs upgrade and energy booster, NFT repairing, NFT breeding and mystery box opening.
  • $FITN is the governance token which is used for leaderboard/tournament and challenging mode (mini games) rewards. $FITN's use cases are marketplace fee, breeding fee, NFT lending fee, trainer hiring fee and AR room lending fee.
What blockchain is FITN built on and what wallet should I use?
FITN is built on BNB chain and you should use a BNB wallet to play FITN.
Where can I buy $FITN?
IDO event will be launched from June 20 - June 24 on 4 launchpads. Whitelist event is announced soon. After that, $FITN will be listed on some CEX and DEX exchanges including PancakeSwap. More information will be updated asap on Mones's official channels:
Can I stake my $FITN and $FIT?
  • You can stake $FIT to receive LP. LP can be redeemed for governance token $FITN or enegery booster (NFT) or 50% increase of in-game rewards. $FIT will be locked at least 30 days and you can unstake after that.
  • You also can stake NFT to receive $FITN and stake $FITN on AMM for high APY/APR.
What are $FITN's utilities?
  • Purchasing NFTs
  • Marketplace fee
  • Minting NFT fee (Breeding)
  • Renting NFT fee
  • Upgrade NFT fee
  • Level up NFT fee
  • Customize NFT fee